Investments that can make a difference


Axeris Capital provides attractive opportunities to invest capital. We offer equity, loans or preferred equity structures to our clients.

We are able to invest into in any type of real estate, e.g., multi-family housing, light industrial, office or retail.

Our strong commitment to our clients combined with our discretionary capital allows us to be flexible and efficient in our investment process. Our investment process takes a maximum of eight weeks between selection of the investment opportunity and providing the respective capital.


Our investors

The investor base primarily consists of institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies and investment banks.


In this sector it is crucial to have a stable and experienced partner, who covers the whole value chain for every aspect and cycle of the real estate market.
Mezzanine financing has been one of the most innovative features on the European capital market in recent years. And that’s why at AXERIS CAPITAL we focus on investors real needs: securing the best projects in a fast and hands on way.

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